Multiple Datacom Servers and Windows Proxy

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Last Modified Date : 10/12/2018
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1. Can I access mainframe Datacom Server instances in 2 different LPARS (in different SYSPLEXes) through the one proxy instance?

2. How does the proxy know how to find the mainframe containing the servers (and CCITCP)? Is the mainframe IP address/URL entered anywhere on the proxy server? 

3. From what I read, the HostName for a CCI connection comes from this list (in order of priority):

"HostName=" in connection string
"HostName=" in file
"Name or IP address" field in CCI Server Identification box of CAICCI-PC Properties (CCIPCConfigurator)

In my proxy server, the file is as delivered, with all statements commented out, and the CAICCI-PC panel is empty.
How is CCI connecting (to my original LPAR/Server/MUF) when I do not have HostName specified in the connection string?

Is it finding the host name/IP from somewhere else? 
1. Yes, you can use the same Windows Proxy to access different Datacom Servers on different LPARS.

2. The connection is made via the connection string, as follows:

jdbc:datacom//proxy:port/ServerName=,ApplicationID=,HostName=,HostPort=, ...

//proxy:port/ - identifies the proxy and listener port which resides on Windows
Hostname=,HostPort= - identifies the LPAR and listener where Server and CCI reside.

Since you use CAICCI, the listener port is 1202, as in HostPort=1202.

3. The properties file that you would control the connection to the mainframe Datacom Server would reside in the client system not the where the proxy resides.
The proxy acts as a traffic cop, if you will, it doesn't know anything about the host system that is being talked to by the client system.
So, either specify the hostname/port in the connection string or specify it in the property that the client system would access.
The Property file needs to be in the CLASSPATH that would among other things contain the cadcjdbc.jar file on the client system.
So, if the client system happens to be on a LINUX system the property file would need to be in the CLASSPATH defined on that system. 

Additional Information:
Datacom Server is documented in CA Datacom Tools - 15.1.