Multi-selection of Workflow-Tasks in Workflow Editor is missing

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Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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Question 1: Currently it is not possible to multi-select tasks in the workflow editor pane in order to re-arrange them. It is only possible to select a single task. Multi-Select was possible in the Java Rich Client. When you have large Workflows with lots of tasks in it - it is quite time consuming to rearrange all of them one-by-one. Please fix. Any log files or screenshots needed? I think this issue is obvious.

Question 2: We have jobplans which contain hundreds of jobs 
When we want to add or remove a job we sometimes want to move multipe objects at once to the left or right (which was possible in java client version) 
Now this is not working and very annoying...dragging hundreds of jobs one by one is not feasable at all.. 
Is for this issue already a fix planned? and if yes in which release exactly
This is by-designed limitation 
Feature will be implemented in Automic Web Interface v12.2 

Workaround: Use Java user Interface