VM:Secure MTX016 abend

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Last Modified Date : 01/10/2018
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The abend occurred while a sysadmin ID was issuing MAP and MANAGE commands.

Unsure if that was related, or coincidental. After issuing the MTX016 abend recursively, the vmsecure guest loaded a DEAD PSW and stopped.

09:30:23 LLXXCC 39C0 VMXCMD1111I Beginning command: map 
09:30:34 LLXXCC 39C0 VMXCMD1112I Ending command map with completion code 0. 
Command complete 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1126S CA VM:Secure system abend MTX016 occurred at 0010E87E. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1150I ************* CA VM:Secure Indicative Dump ************* 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1151I CA VM:Secure Abend MTX016 at 0010E87E, NUCMTX +346E. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1603I CA VM:Secure (TM) Version 03.2, Abend Date = 09/13/18. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1152I PCB = 0672D980, NAME = SMSGCMND. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1153I R 0 = 0010B898 00DDFAB4 069EF3FC 00DDF6C0. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1153I R 4 = 0672D980 0672DBE0 06730660 00ECE240. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1153I R 8 = 0677D6A0 00022000 8000000C 81212CA0. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1153I R12 = 0010B410 00DDF768 8010C3E4 00000008. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1154I Called from 869EF36E, NUCCMD + 036E, R15 = 069EF27E. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1154I Called from 869B44EA, NUCIUM + 04EA, R15 = 069B4194. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 VMXABN1154I Called from 8010DCFE, NUCMTX + 28EE, R15 = 069B43F0. 
09:30:39 VMSECURE 3B31 PSW = 030C2000 8010E87E
Recommended VMSECURE RSU-1801 which includes PTF SO01424 for SMSG problem as found here.

Additional Information:
I’d like to first suggest that we get you up-to-date with VM:Secure maintenance and recommend you apply VM:Secure RSU-1801, available in PTF SO01600. 

This PTF is a Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) for VM:Secure 3.2, in Product Service Upgrade (PSU) format. It must be installed using the "Installing a Product RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade)" procedure located under the "Installing" section of the VM:Secure 3.2 Documentation. 

Here’s the link for Installing a Product RSU (Recommended Service Upgrade): 


After installing this RSU, your installed VM:Secure base product will be at RSU Level RSU-1801. 

You definitely need PTF SO01424 (which is in the RSU-1801 collection) for SMSG commands accumulating … 
We see in the indicative dump there are many of those hanging out there. 
Looking through the console you sent it appears you back up your directory EVERY HOUR and you do it via SMSG.

Perhaps you were testing setting up your backup procedure. 

In any case, because you are doing it via SMSG and you don’t have PTF SO01424 applied, all the backup commands are just
sitting out there and appear to never terminate.   This may have very well caused the MTX016. 

Again, RSU-1801 includes the PTF (SO01424) for the SMSG problem and also happens to be the last PTF included in the RSU collection. 

You should also apply the following PTFs on top of RSU-1801, at least the HYPER PTF (SO04402) … and some others I will include. 

I’m suggesting the other PTFs as a proactive measure, potentially avoiding any of those problems. 

First, apply RSU-1801, available in PTF SO01600, following the new RSU apply instructions. 

Next, apply the following PTFs on top: