mts free heap - can't start SpectroSERVER anymore

Document ID : KB000106037
Last Modified Date : 11/07/2018
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After a power outage and then trying to load the SpectroSERVER database (current database is marked as crashed) this does not resolve a SpectroSERVER startup crash.
It appears the SpectroSERVER always crashes - anyway of the loaded database. Even with an initialized SpectroSERVER database covering only the catalog the startup causes a crash (core). 

SpectroSERVER outfile ($SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT) covers:
mts free: (mts_page_gap::Vfree_memory) heap 0 out of bound address 0x7f0200000000 on page 0x7f0200000000 (out of bound)


It appears this symptom is excatly matching to:

SpectroSERVER crashing due to conflicting HashNodes while loading the Evpn and Vpn modules.

But for R10.2.1 there is no such patch. This above symptom per KB00007406 should not arise when starting with "initialized & empty" SpectroSERVER database. 
(doing from $SPCEROOT/SS a  ../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ic ./legacy.SSdb   will create "empty database").

CA Spectrum R10.2.1 on Linux host.
Problem caused by "hostname" change - while DNS resolves the IP still correctly with "original hostname"
Per CA Spectrum install file - $SPECROOT/UI-CONFIG.<hostname> we found out, that the "hostname" had changed. Still name resolution for this "old/previous" hostname is fine. 

Corrected then at native OS-level the hostname - so running command "hostname" gives the proper hostname (which is seen per $SPECROOT/SS-Tools/MapUpdate -v too) - then solved this problem. SpectroSERVER is starting fine again and participating in DSS context.

Overall - it appears the changed hostname at native OS-level is introducing the crash-symptom at SpectroSERVER startup - even the name resolution for the old/previous and new/current name is fine.