MTP Vertica database is down ? comprehensive guide

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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MTP Vertica database is down.


Multi-Port Collector appliance


MTP Vertica database may become corrupted due to a power outage or hardware failure. For planned MTP shutdown it is recommended to gracefully shutdown the database to prevent database corruption.


1. Logon as the dbadmin user and launch the adminTools utility:

    $ su - dbadmin

2. This will bring up the menu below. Select (1) to check the database status, if it is down, check the option (3) to start it:


3. If a message states that the database could not be started because vertica process is still running, go back to the sudo user and issue the command below:

    ps -ef | vertica

4. Use kill command to terminate all processes listed by the above command and then follow the procedures from 1 to 3 again and you should be prompted to the screen similar to the one below. Click Yes to confirm database restoration from the last known epoch:


5. If successful, the vertica database will be up and you will be brought back to the menu where you can select (E) to exit the menu and return to the Linux prompt.

6. If the steps above are not successful in bringing the Vertica database up, then re-create the database by following the procedure below:

    6.1. Log into the MTP Linux command line using the netqos account.
    6.2. sudo   /opt/NetQoS/scripts/  (stops all the daemon processes)
    6.3. sudo   /opt/NetQoS/install/  --new
    6.4. sudo   /opt/NetQoS/install/
    6.5. sudo  /opt/NetQoS/scripts/