[MTP] CA6300 Multi-Port /nqxfs partition failure

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It is possible for the xfs partitions on CA Multi-Port Monitors to fail or become corrupt. The Multi-Port Monitor's partitioning has been laid out in such a way that it is possible to delete and recreate individual partitions without needing to reinstall the operating system.

CentOS 6.X

Steps to rebuild the /nqxfs partition and filesystem on a CA6300:


  1. Stop all NetQoS processes.
    1. /opt/NetQoS/scripts/stopprocs.sh
  2. Uninstall Vertica
    1. rpm -e vertica
    2. rm -rf /opt/vertica
    3. rm -rf /nqxfs/vertica/capture
  3. Unmount /nqxfs
    1. Umount /nqxfs
  4. Delete the sdb1 partition entry using parted
    1. parted /dev/sdb
    2. print
    3. Take note of the exact size of entry 1 in this table (my lab shows Start: 1049kb, End 3460GB)
    4. rm 1
  5. Recreate the sdb1 partition entry and xfs filesystem
    1. mkpart
    2. Partition name?

                                                    i.     primary

    1. File system type?

                                                    i.     xfs

    1.  Start?

                                                    i.     <start value recorded>

    1. End?

                                                    i.     <end value recorded>

    1. quit
    2. /sbin/mkfs.xfs -l size=32m,version=2 -d agcount=256 -f /dev/sdb1
  1. Remount /nqxfs
    1. mount /dev/sdb1 /nqxfs
  2. Recreate all necessary files/folders
    1. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent
    2. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent/InspectorFiles
    3. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent/localfiles
    4. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent/Web
    5. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent/Web/datafiles
    6. mkdir /nqxfs/SuperAgent/Web/datafiles/snifferfiles
    7. mkdir /nqxfs/corefiles
  3. Reinstall Vertica database
    1. Download the MTP 10.5 Prerequisite file from support.ca.com
    2. Install the 10.5 Prerequisite file using the Administration -> Upgrade page via the MTP GUI
    3. /opt/NetQoS/install/setupVertica.sh –new
  4. Restart all vMTP processes
    1. /opt/NetQoS/scripts/startprocs.sh