MSP Save Failed Error Due to Summary Task with Assignment

Document ID : KB000129049
Last Modified Date : 08/03/2019
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When trying to save a project back from MSP (Microsoft Project) to PPM, receive a Project Save Failed error. Reviewing the logs, the error message indicates a summary task assignment.
ERROR 2019-02-25 13:24:06,577 [https-jsse-nio-443-exec-18] niku.schedulers (clarity:admin:34851000__1A22A639-091E-4172-BF3F-C481B1BDA9F3:schedulers.postProject) Rolling back transaction: 
java.lang.Exception: Summary task configure test environment(null) cannot have assignments.
Summary task assignments are not supported in Clarity PPM ,however MSP does allow them. 
Any assignments on summary tasks in MSP need to be removed before attempting to save the project back to Clarity PPM. 
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