MSP New driver - Some tasks created in MSP do not show on the Gantt in PPM

Document ID : KB000073067
Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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In MSP create some tasks, skip a row then create some more tasks, after saving back to CA PPM, the second set of tasks can be seen from the task list but not on the Gantt.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. In MSP create a new project with 3 tasks, then a blank line and one task below the blank line.
  2. Do a Save As to get a project ID and save the project to CA PPM and close the project in MSP to unlock it in PPM.
  3. In PPM, find the project by its ID and go to the task tab.
  4. Observe all four tasks in the task list including an inserted task for the blank line. Note: The blank line in MSP has created a task with a 5 million number as its task name.
  5. Open to Gantt and observe all four tasks show there but the blank line task does not.
  6. Launch the project to MSP and add another task below the blank line.
  7. Save the project to PPM and close MSP.
  8. In PPM observe the new task in the task list that it is created.
  9. Open the project to Gantt and look for the task added at step 6
Expected Result: There are 4 tasks displayed in the Gantt.
Actual Result: There are 3 tasks displayed in the Gantt, the last task added is not displayed.
PPM 14.2, 14.3
Caused by CLRT-79045
Starting from 14.4 blank task lines in MSP are not saved back to CA PPM, tasks that are created beneath the blank lines in MSP will be saved back to CA PPM and display on the Gantt.
Additional Information:
As a workaround, when adding tasks in MSP, do not skip a row in between tasks. Delete the blank task row if any are present.