MSP Error on Save: Attempted to Read or Write protected Memory

Document ID : KB000100649
Last Modified Date : 15/02/2019
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When attempting to save a project back from Microsoft Project (MSP) to Clarity PPM, a target error is generated that includes the following: 
"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."
  • Solution 1: Ensure you are on the MSP Driver version & patch that matches the PPM version.
  • Solution 2: If on any versions/patches prior to CA PPM 14.3 patch 10, CA PPM 14.4 patch 6, CA PPM 15.1 patch 3 and CA PPM 15.2, one known reason you can hit this error is due to a defect. See KB000004116 for more details.
  • Solution 3: Do a clean uninstall/reinstall of the MSP Driver (See KB: KB000045862 for the steps)
  • Solution 4: If you are attempting to overwrite an existing project in Clarity in the new driver with a different project not exported previously from Clarity, this is not supported.
  1. The one option would be to use the Save As feature with the MSP Legacy driver to overwrite the project.
  2. This change was made to allow auto numbering in the new driver when new projects back. Here's a link with more information behind this change and other differences between the new driver and legacy Driver: Deciding Between the Legacy and New Microsoft Project Driver
Additional Information:
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