MS-SQL 2000: Arithmetic overflow occurred

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Affects Release version(s): 6.00A

MS-SQL 2000: Arithmetic overflow occurred
Detailed Description and Symptoms

?U0003590 DB-Fehler: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR   ', '01000', 'Arithmetic overflow occurred.'

followed by:

U0003590 DB-Fehler: '', '', '', ''


Check Serverlogs and/or Utility Logs for the 2 error messages:

U0003590 DB-Fehler: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR   ', '01000', 'Arithmetic overflow occurred.'

U0003590 DB-Fehler: '', '', '', ''


?First truncate all MQ* tables, for version 6.00A it is the following:

truncate table mqcp001
truncate table mqcp002
truncate table mqcp003
truncate table mqcp004
truncate table mqcp005
truncate table mqpwp
truncate table mqdwp
truncate table mqls
truncate table mqmem
truncate table mqsrv
truncate table mqwp

After truncating the MQ tables, a STARTMODE=COLD (Coldstart) of WP Server Processes is required.