MPP File Name is Different than Expected

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Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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When exporting a project from PPM to MSP using the Legacy driver, the project opens with a file name that does not match the PPM project ID. There are instances when this happens that the data may be out of date as well. How does this occur? 
The local file name that the project is saved back from MSP with is the file name that the project is going to have when that project is exported to MSP on that workstation from then on. It is recommended that the project be saved back to PPM with the original file name containing the project ID, such as PRJ0001.mpp. 

The scenario where the project opens with a different file name can occur after following the below steps: 
1. Export the project from PPM to MSP
2. The file opens in MSP with the expected file name (such as PRJ0001.mpp)
3. In MSP, go to File - Save As, change the name (and optionally the path) to something different
    Note: The file name here can be changed to anything that the Save As window will allow, including a blank name (.mpp).
4. Click Save
5. Go to the CA PPM Integration tab, and click on Save

From here on, the file name will always open with the saved file name from Step3 above on this specific workstation. 

In order to get the file name to return back to the original file name that references the project ID, first create a backup of the registry (Select File -> Export, enter a File Name and Save).Then the value associated to the affected Project ID can be deleted from the registry under:


To delete, select the value on the Name column, right click on it and select the Delete option.