Moving Datacenters to different landscapes for virtual modeling with the CA Spectrum 9.4.1 integration with CA Nimsoft

Document ID : KB000028738
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The integration initially models CA Nimsoft hosts to a designated landscape. The Datacenter migration
feature allows the datacenter to be modeled on the same landscape as its upstream devices. This can
also help distribute the modeling load across distributed landscapes.


To Migrate a Datacenter


1. Open the CA Spectrum OneClick console.

2. Select Nimsoft Manager and click the Information tab on the Content pane.

     VMware Configuration information is displayed.

3. Expand VMware Configuration and VMware Datacenter Modeling.

     A list of data centers and the modeled landscapes is displayed.

    The following image displays the table with a list of Datacenters and the modeled landscapes:

 4. Select a Datacenter and click Move.

    The Select Landscape dialog appears.

    The following image shows the list of landscapes that are available in CA Spectrum




 5. Select a landscape and click Ok. 

    The confirmation window opens.




 6. Click OK.


 Note: If Datacenters are migrated from landscapes that are down then the migrated Datacenter and its entities will be deleted from the old landscape, during the subsequent sync, once that landscape is up.

 Note: If you move a Datacenter from one landscape to another, it results in the deletion of the Datacenter from the previous landscape. Any existing events or alarms that are present on the Datacenter or its entities are lost.