Moving "attachment" files from primary to secondary servers.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to move attachment files from the primary server to the secondary server/s and vice versa.

Service Desk "Attachments" are stored in a Document Repository. This is often set up on the primary server to begin with, but later it may be desired to have these located on a secondary server. These steps illustrate moving the repository and the attachments from one location to another.

See also the knowledge base document on setting up a repository daemon on a secondary server.


  1. Run pdm_status and make sure Repository Daemon is running on the secondary server.

  • Go to 'Attachments Library' -> 'Repositories' on Administration tab. Then right click on a Repository you want to move and select 'View'.
    Check the "Upload Path".

             (ServiceDesk)\site\attachments\default\(Repository name)\files

  • Move the 'files' folder defined as Upload Path to a new drive/folder on the secondary server.

  • Go to 'Attachments Library' -> 'Repositories' on Administration tab again. Right click on the Repository and select 'Edit'.

  • Change the Upload Path to a new directory path and change Server Name and Servlet Path to the secondary server. Save it.

    The existing attachments on tickets will automatically be linked to the new Repository path.
  • For more information please refer to the following technical document: TEC481361