Moving an ASM Agent from one server to another results in authentication problems.

Document ID : KB000069033
Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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After moving an ASM Agent to another server, I receive an authentication error when starting the agent and no metrics are received. This issue occurs despite that my ASM API password has not changed and the agent worked correctly on the previous server. 


This issue is caused by the encryption used for the ASM API password.

When first installing the ASM Agent, you are prompted for the API password.  When the agent is first started, this password is encrypted using current server information for the server the agent resides on. So, if your API password on the original server was "12345", the password might encrypt as "xinVIja7nc".  However this same password when used on a second server might return an encrypted value of "1oooo8EK09".
All ASM Agent versions on supported platforms.

To move the ASM Agent from one server to another:

1. Copy over the entire Agent folder.  
2. Then edit the <ASM Agent home>/CloudMon/conf/ file and set the apmcm.password property to your current ASM API password in plain text.  
3. Finally save this file and restart the Agent.  Your password will now be encrypted correctly for the new server. Please be aware that this process can also be used to update the API password of an existing installation.