More jobs are executing than the DQM limit allows

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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The DQM job limit is used to limit the number of jobs executing in parallel.
In some cases, the number of job executions in parallel exceeds the set limit, for example 2 executions instead of 1. 

Another symptom is that the counters displayed for JobExe and JobPend are wrong ( displaying -1 for JobExe).

If this is the case, the number of executions in UVC> Monitoring > Batch Queue Status, in the column "Pending" displays 1 instead of 0 when no Jobs are queued.

IMPORTANT: When no jobs are executing in the queue, the number in the column "Running" shows -1 (minus one) . 
Or, in the command line the command "uxlstque or uxshwque queue=<queue_name> full" show -1 in the column JOBEXE.

In the command line uxshwque, we can observe the issue ( counter -1): 

user@server:/automic/DUAS/node/bin#./uxshwque queue=SYS_BATCH
      JobLim 150
      JobQue 0 , JobExe -1 , JobHld 0 , JobPend 1

user@server:/automic/DUAS/node/bin#./uxlstque queue=SYS_BATCH

SYS_BATCH                       PHYS ON      150       0      -1       0       1

In UVC - Batch Queues Status, the counter Pending displays 1:
UVC - Batch Queues Status

In UVC - Queued Jobs, no Pending Jobs are displayed :
UVC - Queued Jobs

Dollar Universe 6 node using DQM Job Limits.
Under investigation
The workaround is to reinitialize the affected DQM queue. 

1. In UVC > Monitoring > Batch Queue Status > Right click on the queue > Stop 
("Stop" allows to finish the jobs that are still executing to finish before stopping the queue, whereas "Complete" stops the queue immediately.)
2. In the command line execute the following command:
uxresetque que=<queue_name> 
Additional Information:
In case you are experiencing the issue frequently, please open a case so that we can enable some traces and identify what causes this situation.