More detail on Vantage DB2 Interface Installation

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installation and configuration of the CA Vantage DB2 feature, System Script, DB2NAMES not functioning, which includes all of it objects, such as DB2TABLs. Also other functions that are needed are not available and not documented; OBJ12039, DB2LITS. Was able to find OBJ12030, in member VNS12030. However this object was not documented.

Vantage 14.0

Check to make sure the script VSAMVVDS is running and has to be run for every DTOC, and has to complete before any of the DB2 SYSTEM SCRIPTS can run.

DB2NAMES in 12.6 contains only one Object, but Rel 14 contains 4 objects. When DB2names Script for 14 is run, the objects are 1) not created, and 2) the system script was updated to remove 3 of the object lines. You can recreate the DB2NAMES script with only the DB2NAMES object, and create 3 other system scripts for the other 3 objects; DB2TABLS, DB2DETAL and DB2SYST.

There is an order required in executing/loading the system scripts. please try:


Please review this chapter and make sure all steps are followed: "Configure for CA Vantage Database Option (DB2)" under link:

6. Use the Config Client to set appropriate system parameters:
SUDB2 (Y) - Activates DB2 support
DB2SUBS (sub1,sub2,...,sub8) - Include local DB2s only DB2SUBS (<DB2LIST>) - Include remote DB2s

The DB2SUBS parameter is described in detail under link:

Some points the documentation misses is that VNS12030, and DB2Names has to be run for every release of Vantage, and not skipped.