Monitoring remote Unix machine using RSP probe password less Authentication.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Monitor remote Unix machine using RSP with password less Authentication.


In order to setup the remote monitoring of Unix machines from a Windows server, several manual steps are required that are not covered by the probe documentation as they need to be performed outside of the product.

Any Unix machine monitored via any rsp probe running on a Windows robot.

1.       Open PuTTY Key Generator on the machine having rsp probe installed and create Public key by moving the cursor on the blank space.





2.       Save the text of Public Key into a text file(public.txt) and paste the contents of this public key to (.ssh/authorized_keys) file of remote linux server to be monitored.





3. Login to linux server with username to be used in rsp probe and follow below commands

# mkdir .ssh

# nano .ssh/authorized_keys

# copy contents of step #2 in authorized_keys file

# chmod 700 .ssh/

# chmod 640 .ssh/authorized_keys


4.       Save the private key in .ppk format  and Import the private key again in putty.




5.       Export it into the Open SSH key format.(Provide a name in the format mykeyname.key - the file name can be anything but it should end in .key)  and save it to a location.




6.       Connect rsp probe with the SSH private key generated in step 4 after entering the credential for user, attaching the Openssh private key.  Then the probe will be able to discover the remote machine.




Additional Information:

Please also review the rsp probe documentation, found here: