Monitoring IDMS by program-name

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Last Modified Date : 13/02/2019
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This document describes the options available for monitoring CA-IDMS performance and resource utilization by program name.
CA-IDMS, in addition to being a database management system, also has its own transaction monitor.
A unit-of-work in IDMS is a task, not a program.
Can IDMS systems be monitored by program name?
CA IDMS, all supported releases.
As CA-IDMS is a task-based system, typically it is difficult to analyze system performance by program.
Within the scope of one task, control can be passed between various different programs, but it is still one task and that is the unit-of-work by which performance related statistics are gathered.

For online cobol, pl/i and assembler programs, this is generally not possible,
SREPORT-013 will give a high level view of program activity, but that's from the system point of view and only reports on statistics such as times called for each program and not details like cpu, storage utilization, wait times, etc.
In application code, the verb ACCEPT DB-STATISTICS can be used to read database transaction related statistics and save them for later analysis (e.g. write them to the dc-log).

For batch programs, IDMS creates a task specifically for the program so you can use SREPORT-009 to report by program name for ERUS.

For ADS dialogs, you can customize #PMOPT to define which dialog name to charge PerfMon statistics to, using the DLGNAME parameter.
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