Monitor recall trashing for multiple DFSMShsm from different LPARs

Document ID : KB000012057
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have 8 LPAR`s in a shared DASD environment.

HSM task runs on each LPAR using OCDS, BCDS and MCDS and have its own log datasets

SETSYS PDA is set to ON within each DFSMShsm task.


How can I view recall trashing utilizing all DFSMShsm logs from one SAMS started task ?


It is not possible to configure one single SAMS task to work with more than one DFSMShsm task.

When using PDA support, CA Vantage SRM HSM Real-time message automation is not supported and system parameters HSMANLYZ and HLOGLIST are not used.

If DFSMShsm is running with PDA set to YES, it is not possible to specify more than one HSMPODX or HSMPODY parameters.

Additional Information:

In order to see recall trashing utilizing all DFSMShsm logs I need to configure and run SAMS on all 8 LPAR`s and enable Record Level Sharing as described on Configuration Guide, chapter Configuring CA Vantage SRM Interface for DFSMShsm.

As usual if you have any questions please contact CA Vantage support.