Modeloutage.ibd is too big

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Last Modified Date : 26/09/2018
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In the <SPECROOT>/mysql/data/reporting directory, the modeloutage.ibd file is too large.  
If you need to reduce size you can do the following:

Open a command line 
Run bash -login 
Go to the msyql/bin directory 
run the command: 

./mysql -uroot -proot reporting 

<You should see a MYSQL prompt> 

once logged into mysql do the following: 

truncate table event; 


truncate table modeloutage; 

then type 'exit' 

Then go to the $Specroot/bin directory and rerun the rpmgrinitializelandscape tool. You'll need to replace the <landscape> in the command: 

./ root root -initHist 45 <landscape>