Missing the Monitoring Configuration Services (MCS) - Monitoring tab in UMP

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I am missing the Monitoring tab in Unified Service Manager (USM) for Monitoring Configuration Services.

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UIM 9.X and earlier

If this is a fresh install and the MCS tab is not showing the "new" ACL's that enable the USM monitoring may not be under your ACL lists: 


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 1. On the primary hub, check the file \\Nimsoft\probes\service\distsrv\base_acls.cfg and make sure it has the MCS ACLs below. If they are not there, you can manually add them by copy pasting the below.

 <USM Monitoring Configuration Service>

      name = USM Monitoring Configuration Service

      desc = Enable or disable out-of-box monitoring templates

      access = write

      type = UMP

      apply_to_existing_acls = Superuser,Administrator,Operator

   </USM Monitoring Configuration Service>

<USM Edit Monitoring Templates>

      name = USM Edit Monitoring Templates

      desc = Create, edit and delete monitoring templates

      access = admin

      type = UMP

      apply_to_existing_acls = Superuser,Administrator,Operator

   </USM Edit Monitoring Templates>

   <USM Edit Monitoring Station Groups>

      name = USM Edit Monitoring Station Groups

      desc = Create, edit and delete monitoring station groups

      access = admin

      type = UMP

      apply_to_existing_acls = Superuser,Administrator,Operator

   </USM Edit Monitoring Station Groups>

2. In Infrastructure Manager, navigate the distsrv probe on the primary hub.

3. With the distsrv probe selected, press "Ctrl-P" the probe Utility (pu) should appear.

3. In the probe commandset, select callback set_acl_init with the parameter value "base_acls.cfg". The callback updates the security.cfg with the ACLs, it will not delete any ACLs, nor change any ACLs.

4. In infrastructure manager, open Security -> Manage Access Control List. Check to make sure the ACL has USM Monitoring Configuration Service, USM Edit Monitoring Templates and USM Edit Monitoring Station Groups,

5. Logout, and log back in with the user, the issue should now be resolved.

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METHOD 2: Probe Utility through command line


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin\pu.exe" -u administrator -p (password) distsrv set_acl_init base_acls.cfg

where (password) is the password for the built-in administrator user.


/opt/nimsoft/bin/pu -u administrator -p (password) distsrv set_acl_init base_acls.cfg

Example output:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin>pu.exe -u administrator -p xxxxxxxx  distsrv set_acl_init base_acls.cfg


Aug 20 02:29:41:619 pu: SSL - init: mode=0, cipher=DEFAULT, context=OK
Address: distsrv                     Request: set_acl_init
set_acl_init:   PDS_PCH           8 success

4. IM check that the USM Monitoring ACLs are now displayed in the ACL list by selecting Security->Manage Access Control list from the IM drop down menu.

5. Log Off and Log in again in UMP, the monitoring tab is now displaying for USM servers or groups.

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