Missing submenu under Catalog tab

Document ID : KB000118821
Last Modified Date : 10/12/2018
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Submenu is missing under Catalog Tab with Administrator privileged Role
CA Service Catalog 17.1
CA EEM 12.6.x
Missing values 17.0 ,17.1 in Explicit Denies policies
Follow the below steps to correct this isue

1. Login to EEM using Eiamadmin super user account and select Service Catalog as an Application from the dropdown 
2. Click Manage Access Policies Tab - under Access Policies
3. Click on "Explicit Denies" Tab and update fro Links Dashboard, Launchpads, Guinode
4. Updated "ACL_restrict_r11_launchpads", with values 17.0 ,17.1 
5. Updated "ACL_restrict_unwanted_Launchpads",  with values 17.0 ,17.1 
User-added image
6. Updated "ACL_restrict_r11_Guinodes, with values 17.0 ,17.1 
7. Updated "ACL_restrict_unwanted_Guinodes",  with values 17.0 ,17.1 
User-added image
8.  Updated "ACL_restrict_unwanted_Dashboards",  with values 17.0 ,17.1 
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9. Recycled the Services for EEM and Catalog 
10. Cleared the translets and web browser cache.