Missing documentation regarding IDMSB102 and B102STUB.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using the r10.2 batch interface, it is necessary to have the IDMSB102 load module in the STEPLIB of the batch job.

This is documented in the manual “CA IDMS Navigational DML Programming Guide” Appendix F “Services Batch Interface”, but it does not describe where to find that load module.


The IDMSB102 load module is provided in the installation CAGJLOAD load library but under the name B102STUB.

The reason it is provided in that manner is so that programs will use the newer interface by default even if they are linked with the old interface module. This was done so that users did not have to re-link application programs when moving from r10.2 to r12.0.

Therefore, if you have a program which you want to use the r10.2 batch interface, not only must it be linked with IDML, but the run-time STEPLIB of the program must contain the IDMSB102 load module.

Copy the B102STUB module from the CAGJLOAD load library to a separate library of your choosing and rename the module to IDMSB102. Place that library in the STEPLIB of the batch job’s JCL.

This is correctly documented in the Second Edition of the CA IDMS Navigational DML Programming Guide for r18.5 and all subsequent versions of that manual, but not in prior versions.

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For more information, see the manual “CA IDMS Navigational DML Programming Guide” Appendix F, “Services Batch Interface”.