Missing AutoProbe metrics after upgrading the Java Agent to monitor WebSphere.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The customer had upgraded the agent.

It was reporting data to the Enterprise Manager but the key AutoProbe metrics like Frontends, Backends, EJBs were missing.

There were no indications of AutoProbe failure and some AutoProbe metrics were visible.

WebSphere running in z/Linux

IBM WebSphere uses a class caching facility to improve performance of its application.

Because we are performing bytecode instrumentation, traces of our own code are present in the cached versions of the cache.

When there are upgrades to the agent, there can be differences in the cached code and the latest code of our agent.


For all agent upgrades when monitoring WebSphere, you should clear the class cache before running with the new agent version.

For example

For UNIX and z/OS platforms, run the following script:

Additional Information:

Link to IBM documentation on clearing the WebSphere class caches