Mismatches Between A User's LAST MOD Statistics In The CA Top Secret Security File And Their REFDATEs In The Cleanup Tracking Database.

Document ID : KB000053611
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why do the User's LAST MOD statistics in the CA Top Security File (SECFILE) not always correspond with the REFDATEs in the CA Cleanup Tracking Database?


CA Cleanup's REFDATE is updated for all system entry validations, whether successful or not, and may include the following signons that would not update the LAST MOD date.

For example:

  • ATS signons - unless the TSS OPTIONS(30) parm is set.

  • CICS ISC signons in the AOR

  • A RACROUTE VERIFY request, specifying STAT=NO

CA Cleanup's REFDATE is not updated for TSS administrative commands against the CA Top Secret user.

For example, if a CA Top Secret administrator reset the password of a returning long term absent user, the user's LAST MOD would be updated, but not CA Cleanup's REFDATE.