Mismatch in "Other" Conversation data between CA PC and NFA

Document ID : KB000123100
Last Modified Date : 17/12/2018
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Mismatch in "Other" data for the Top Conversations view in CAPC and the Conversations report in NFA.
1. You must first ensure you are upgraded to NFA 9.5 and CAPC 3.6.

2. Once on NFA 9.5 you will need to update the CAPC netqosportal database by running the commands below:
mysql -uroot -pnetqos netqosportal 
Then ran the following update that returned one changed row as expected. 
update model_properties set propertyvalue='select .Conversation.Server, .Conversation.Client, .Conversation.ServerClientName, .Conversation.Bytes{Model.Direction}, .LocalInterfaceID from CA.ReporterAnalyzer.RAWSParameters having .RAWebCall="ConversationSummary" where .InterfaceID={itemId} and .StartTime={utcTimeStart} and .EndTime={utcTimeEnd} and .Measurement="Bytes" and .LimitCount=12 and .Direction="{Model.Direction}" and .ProtocolID=24' where modelid = 102026 and PropertyName='RIBQuery'; 
3. Refresh the views on both CAPC and NFA and observe that the "Other" data should match up more closely.

Additional Information:
There are plans to have this addressed in CAPC 3.6.3 January kit, so if you already are on that version, there should be no need to run the mysql update above.