MIM0095E MIM/MIA MSIERROR CODE=1818 issued by MIMTPNTR.MIMTPNTR+2B74 Unexpected ENFREQ Service Failure

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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MIM0095E error at startup of one MIA system in the MIMPLEX.

The error message is followed by message * MIM2014I GTAF deactivated - Reverting devices OFFLINE

MIM0036I All GLOBAL functions deactivated.

And finally MIA abends with USER COMPLETION CODE=0095 REASON CODE=0000071A


Start MIA on the failing system while specifying REUSE=NO as follows S MIA,REUSE=NO.

The CODE=1818 error occurs when MIA is trying to reuse a common storage module and is having a problem doing so.

Specifying REUSE=NO tells MIA to obtain new storage.

The default for the MIM REUSE parameter is YES.

YES means that at initialization MIM will attempt to reuse certain common storage modules that may exist from the previous execution of the MIM address space.

Although MIM does not use a large amount of common storage for its executable modules, specifying YES still helps to conserve common storage and is particularly helpful on a test/development system where MIM may be restarted many times.

When MIM is started at IPL time, the REUSE value does not matter because memory is cleared anyway by the IPL.

It is rare, but on occasion, something may happen to 1 of the MIM common storage modules.

When MIM attempts to reuse the module, there can be problems of various sorts.

The CODE=1818 is 1 such flavor.

You can continue to use the REUSE default of YES, but if you should encounter another CODE=1818 (which is rare), the circumvention is to specify REUSE=NO.