Migrating from SDSF to CA SYSVIEW

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA SYSVIEW provides a way to help you migrate from IBM product SDSF to CA SYSVIEW.




This can be achieved in two different ways:
  1. A user can enter command 'SET SDSFMIGRATE ON' on the command line.
  2. The CA SYSVIEW administrator can make this change in the 'DEFAULT' profile when the product is installed.

To change the SDSFMIGRATE option in the DEFAULT profile member enter the following two commands:


CA SYSVIEW administrators are the only ones that can change the DEFAULT profile. Please note that valid values are either ON or OFF.

SDSFMIGRATE option allows the user to work in a similar environment as SDSF while getting acclimated to CA SYSVIEW's environment and it's commands, enter most SDSF primary commands and most SDSF line commands. The commands are translated to the corresponding commands in CA SYSVIEW. When the option is activated, the fixed-length mask character is set to a % sign and the variable-length mask character is set to an *. When this option is de-activated, the mask characters are not reset to the original defaults. This option also eases the migration from IBM SDSF to CA SYSVIEW.

CA SYSVIEW also provides a SDSF Compatibility Menu to see how the SDSF commands correspond to CA SYSVIEW commands. This menu looks similar to the SDSF primary option menu. Displaying this menu can be done by selecting it off the primary option menu or issuing command MENU SDSF which will produce a screen as follows:

SYSVIEW TSO1 XAE1 ------ MENU, SDSF Compatibility Menu ------ 03/22/16 12:36:52
Option ====>                                                                   
----------------------------------- -------------------------Lvl 2 Row 1-32/32
Option SDSF Command      Command   Description                         
_ 1 DA ACTIVITY Active users
_ 2 I LISTINP Jobs in the JES input queue
_ 3 O JOUTQUE Jobs in the JES output queue
_ 4 H JHELDQUE Jobs in the JES held output queue
_ 5 ST JOBSUM Status of jobs in the JES queues
_ 6 JG JJOBGRP Job groups

_ 7 LOG SYSLOG System log
_ 8 SR WTOR WTO reply required messages
_ 9 MAS JPLEX JES members status
_ 10 JC JOBCLASS Job classes in the MAS
_ 11 SE WMSCHENV WLM scheduling environments
_ 12 RES WMSERSCE WLM scheduling environment resources
_ 13 ENC WMENCLAV WLM enclaves
_ 14 PS UPROCESS USS processes

_ 15 INIT JINIT JES initiators
_ 16 PR JPRINTER JES printers
_ 17 PUN PUNCH JES2 punches
_ 18 RDR READER JES2 readers
_ 19 LINE JLINES JES lines
_ 20 NODE JNODES JES nodes
_ 21 SO OFFLOAD JES2 spool offload
_ 22 SP JSPOOLS JES spool volumes
_ 23 NS JLOGON JES2 VTAM logons

_ 24 RM JRESOURC JES2 resource monitor
_ 25 CK HCHECKER Health checker

_ 26 SYSVIEW SYSVIEW main menu
_ 27 TOPICS SYSVIEW help topic knowledge base


A SDSF Primary Option Menu is located in the member MENUSDSF in CA SYSVIEW's CNM4BPNL panel data set.

When command SET SDSFMIGRATE ON is issued it changes three things:

  • Changes the masking characters
  • Changes the primary option menu
  • Switches command exits (uses GSVXSDSX rather than the default GSVXCMDX)

At any time you wish to turn off the SDSFMIGRATE option, you can enter the following command: SET SDSFMIGRATE OFF

CA SYSVIEW also provides a SDSF command exit that allows users to enter most of the SDSF primary commands. Exit GSVXSDSX can be found in CA SYSVIEW's CNM4BSAM sample data set and can be used to assemble the exit if changes are necessary. This exit allows examination of commands before they are processed. This exit can be used to convert commands from other software packages into CA SYSVIEW commands.