Migrating a DataCenter fails if another DataCenter exists with the same name.

Document ID : KB000113638
Last Modified Date : 01/10/2018
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The Spectrum/UIM Integration allows you to move a DataCenter from one landscape to another. If there are mupltiple VCenters that contain a DataCenter with the same name, the migration of the DataCenter will fail.
Spectrum 10.2.X
UIM 8.5.X
Spectrum is maintaining a map of DataCenters by considering DataCenter name as a  unique key for internal processing instead of the DataCenter id.
This issue is resolved with Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.355  for Spectrum version 10.2.3. We now use the Data Center id in the internal map of data centers instead of using the name as the primary key.
Additional Information:
Please open a ticket with Support to obtain a copy of the patch.