Messages PDM0181C and/or PDM0182C in the CA-Endevor PDM build WIP process

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to deal with CA-Endevor PDM (parallel development manager) error messages

PDM0181C The ROOT specification is not present in the DV1 element

PDM0182C  The ROOT specification is not present in the DV2 element                                                                                                    


These messages may arise during the building of the WIP data when PDM is asked to retrieve the ROOT and the derivations from the endevor inventory.

 In this case PDM ensures that DV1 and DV2 elements are in fact derived from the root element. It does so by examining the timestamps in the source levels for the three elements.

 The current timestamp for the root element (or the timestamp for the particular VV.LL selected) must match the timestamp for ANY source level in the derivations up to the specified VV.LL (or to the current level if not specified). If NO MATCH is found, the above error messages are issued.

 The solution may be:

- Make sure that the correct endevor elements are specified (environment, stage, system, type...)

- Specify a VV.LL (version.level) for the root whose timestamp is present in the source levels from both DV1 and DV2

- If that is not possible, extract the elements to sequential files and build the WIP from them so that endevor does not perform the validation

 In the panels that specify the root and the derivations, option ‘S’ displays the summary of source levels for the endevor element. This information may be used to find the right VV.LL values to specify

 It might not be possible to find a suitable VV.LL if the history of source changes for any of the elements has been lost or is not complete. This could be caused, for example, by source level consolidation, or by MOVE or TRANSFER actions without history.