Message "XCOMN0287E ERROR SETTING REMOTE USERID" when no userid is specified in SYSIN01

Document ID : KB000009464
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • Message "XCOMN0287E ERROR SETTING REMOTE USERID" appears when doing a XCOM-transfer from Mainframe to Windows and no Userid is provided in SYSIN01.

Initiating a transfer from the mainframe to Windows without specifying a userid as part of the SYSIN01 parameters is handled as a Trusted Security transfer. In this case the userid of the user submitting the job is used for the security checking on the remote system. This userid has to be defined on Windows as a trusted system and user as follows:

  1. From the XCOM GUI, click on Tools and Trusted Access
  2. A dialog box named "Unicenter CA-XCOM Data Transport for Windows" appears. Enter the Name or IP address of the remote system in question if it does not exist in the Add Remote System tab and click Add. If the remote system already exists then review the Update Remote System Information tab.
  3. Select the Users tab, highlight the remote system and click the Manage Users button. Add the userid information and click the Add button.
  4. Click the APPLY and OK buttons as necessary.
  5. Restart xcomd to let the changes become effective.