Message IEC142I issued when attempting to access a database extent allocated above the 64K line on a 3390-A device

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Message IEC142I is issued when attempting to access a CA Deliver 11.7, or 12.0 database extent that was allocated (using RMODBASE ADDDS) above the 64K line on a 3390-A device. The complete message is:

     IEC142I 113-44,IFG0194D,SRT2672S,STEP1,SYS00003,697E,S9000A,SYS5.DLVR.DLVR2
and is associated with a S113-44 abend.

When this message is issued, the database extent cannot be opened or accessed and the database extent is unusable.

To circumvent the problem, allocate the database extents below the 64k line on 3390-A devices.

To correct the problem, apply the PTF applicable to your current release of CA Deliver. The PTF will add code to allow allocation of the extent above the 64K line.

    CA Deliver 11.7    RO56365
    CA Deliver 12.0    RO56368

The documentation describing the RMODBASE ADDDS function enhancements are:

    CA Deliver 11.7    RI55028
    CA Deliver 12.0    RI55027