MERGE abend with U1547

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Last Modified Date : 30/07/2018
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What causes a MERGE to ABEND with a U1547 with the following messages after updating CA Disk Maintenance:

MTF004I BAD MODULE NAME=40404040 40404040 GIVEN BY PGM(ADSDM128.ADSDM218+00202A) 

PET201I USER ABEND(U1547) REASON(00000008) AT PSW(078D1000 80007C36). 






After maintenance, users are required to use a PARMLIB with the updated CA Disk maintenance applied.

The ABEND U1547 indicates that the PARMEDIT member in the CA Disk parmlib used in the concerned job 
does not match the maintenance level of the new upgraded CA Disk loadlib. 

Reason: A PTF in the CA Disk maintenance upgrade has introduced a new Sysparm or changed an existing Sysparm. 
This includes a corresponding update of member PARMEDIT in the delivered CCUWPARM library, 
but the new PARMEDIT member has not been not taken over together with the new CCUWLOAD. 

Take over also the new delivered PARMEDIT member from the SMP/E CCUWPARM library into your active CA Disk parmlib that is used in the concerned job. 
Then rerun the job.