CA PPM: Menu Item Ideas doesn't exist under Demand Management Menu

Document ID : KB000102385
Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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Menu Item "Ideas' doesn't exist under 'Demand Management' Menu. Why?
The chances are the "Ideas" Menu Section was moved under some menu item or submenu item other than Demand Management. Please run the following query to find the Parent Menu for Ideas:

select * from cmn_menu_items 
where action_id = 

FROM cmn_actions a, cmn_captions_nls c 
WHERE a.action_code = 'pma.ideaList' 
AND = c.pk_id 
AND c.table_name = 'CMN_ACTIONS' 
AND c.language_code = 'en' 

It returns for example: 


Go to Admin side - Menu Manager. Open Application Menu. 
The Menu Parent with PARENT_MENU_ID= 10048 is Portfolio Management, not Demand Management.

You can use the Move function to move it back Demand Management if you want.