MENA8046 Missing Default Dynamic Profile, Notify TPX Admin

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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At signon time, dynamic user sees message: MENA8046 Missing Default Dynamic Profile, Notify TPX Admin.


When you have set up TPX to allow dynamic users (including saved dynamic users), you must also specify the default dynamic user profile. This is all done within the SMRT System Features:

                  TPX System Options Table Detail Panel                        
                                                            Panelid  - TEN0105 
 Command ===>                                               Userid   -  
                                                            Terminal - 
    System Options Table: NEW                               Date     - 
                                                            Time     - 
    System Features                                                            
    * ACCESS:                               MULTIPLE   (Multiple, Single, Pass)
    * Affinity:                             N                                  
    * Activate NetSpy Interface:            N                                  
      Activate TCPaccess Telnet Interface:  N                                  
    * Activate OfficeVision Interface:      N                                  
    * Reconnect after PASS session:         Y                                  
    * Release Terminal upon Request:        N                                  
    * Dynamic Users Allowed:                Y
    * Save Dynamic Users:                   Y
    * Default Dynamic User Profile:         DYNAMIC
    * Notify Users when being VIEWed:       N                                  
    * Show Userid as "*" in Display List:   N                                  
    * Maximum number of Queued VIEW Msgs:   99                                 
    * Allow tiered menus:                   N                                  
* Can be updated dynamically using the TPX Operator Reload Command             
PF1=Help    PF3=End    PF4=Return    PF7=Prev    PF8=Next    "CANCEL" cancel

As of TPX 5.3, a check was added during startup to identify the situation when the profile identified in the SMRT is not found within the Profile Table List under Profile Maintenance:

                    TPX Profile Table List                                     
                                                            Panelid  - TEN0110 
Command ===>                                                Userid   -  
                                                            Termid   - 
                                                            Date     - 
  Profile           Last-updated by   Userid                Time     - 
  $DEFAULT          11/05/07 12:07:39 TPXADMIN 
  BASEPROF          01/06/10 12:52:35 ADMIN01                                  
  DYNAMIC           11/19/08 16:44:51 ADMIN02

When you see MENA8046, there will be a corresponding message in the TPX log during TPX startup that identifies the missing profile:

TPB057 or TPX057 
The default Profile at TPX startup is not found and the site is running with dynamic profiles. pppppppp is the profile name which is missing. 
The TPX administrator may have to either add a new default profile or restore the ADMIN2 file from a backup which contained the default profile. 

To correct this situation, ensure that a valid profile name is specified in the SMRT.