MENA8025 YOU ARE NOT THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THIS USER while trying to maintain a userid in TPXADMIN.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While trying to maintain a userid in TPXADMIN, I cannot save and get this message:


CA TPX for z/OS

When you define a master or user administrator, you must specify at least one group in the list of groups that the user can administer.  An administrator may only administer their defined groups or the users belonging to those groups.


1. In order to access a user in TPXADMIN, a TPX administrator's userid must be set up with the appropriate administration access:

Set up TPXADMIN - User Maintenance - 6 Maintain Administrator Capabilities panel as follows: 

  • List all GROUPS this user is allowed to access as a TPX administrator 
    (sample from TEN0169)                                             
      - TPX User Administrator:         Y                               
      - TPX Master Administrator:       N                               
      - TPX Master Administrator:       N                                   
      - TPX System Administrator:       N                                   
      - TPX Operator Administrator:     N                                   
      -   Groups this User Administrator can modify:                        
      -   xxxxxxxx                                                          
      --  xxxxxxxx                                                          

2. Verify the group of the user being administered.  You can see the user's group listed within their User Options:

                   TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel                          
                                                             Panelid  - TEN0165 
  Command ===>                                               Userid   - USER002 
                                                             Termid   - ASYSA006
 Userid:   USER002                                           Date     - 
 UserName:                                                   Time     - 
 Location:                         Phone:                                       
                                  Profile defaults    System defaults           
 Command character:   _           _                   /                         
 Command key:         _______     _______             PF22                      
 Jump key:            _____       _____               PF23                      
 Menu key:            _____       _____               PF4                       
 Print key:           _____       _____               NONE                      
 Group name:          TPXGROUP                                                  
   Command class:     _           P                   D                         
   Operator Cmd Cls:  _           P                   D                         
   Update class:      _           D                   D                         
 Stage 1 timeout:     ______      ______              7                         
 Stage 1 option:      __          __                  L                         
 Stage 2 timeout:     ______      ______              0                         
 Stage 2 option:      __          __                                            
 PF1=Help    PF3=End    PF4=Return   PF8=Next Page       "CANCEL" cancel

In order to determine the GROUP assigned to multiple userids, you can create batch reports that will provide this information.  Examples are provided in the sample library (CB0VSRC).  See member $BATADMN for an index of examples provided. 

The TPX Batch reporting Guide provides additional information on creating custom batch reports and processes.

Additional Information:

Unless your site has a specific need for more than one group, it may be best to leave TPXGROUP as the only defined group.

TPX 5.4 Administrating - Authorize Group Administration

TPX 5.4 - Batch Administration

TPX message is MENA8025 can be found in member TENMSGL of the CB0VPENU library. It is simply a message id with a message text, and is normally self-explanatory. 

Similar messages that can be resolved in the same manner:

  • MENA8022 You are not an administrator of this group 
  • MENA8025 You are not an administrator of that user