Meaning of NzUKWN message in PDA PTIMSG

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 QUESTION: The PTIMSG displays Ended-NzUKWN instead of just Ended. What is it's meaning?


Collection of XP - DB2T.TLETEST0.0010 - Ended-NzUKWN

Collection of XP - DB2T.TLETEST0.0011 - Started

Collection of X2 - DB2T.XTLMTCH0.0020 - Ended-NzUKWN

Collection of XP - DB2T.TLETEST0.0012 - Started

Collection of XP - DB2T.TLETEST0.0011 - Ended-NzUKWN

Collection of XP - DB2T.TLETEST0.0012 - Ended-NzUKWN

Collection of X2 - DB2T.XTLMTCH0.0019 - Ended-NzUKWN



This message was added for zIIP support. It just states that this object(index) collection was not eligible to run on the zIIP. The NzUkwn is that there was no reason supplied as to why the request was not honored. This just means the collection ran on the GP processor instead of the zIIP speciality processors. Bottom line is the collection ran fine.