MCS profiles for "Setup cdm", "Default Disk(s)". "Disk(s)", "CPU Monitor", "Memory Monitor", "NIC Monitor' are missing in USM

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Last Modified Date : 04/01/2019
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After implementing new cdm_mcs_profiles 6.33/6.34, disk related profile templates are disabled in USM.
USM Missing Templates or Templates disabled
UIM 8.51 Sp1
mon_config_service 8.58hf12
mon_config_service_templates 10.41
cdm_mcs_templates 6.33 or 6.34
cdm 6.33-MC or 6.34-MC
1. Open IM and go to the automated_deployment_engine probe on the primary server, click ctrl + P (Probe Utility)

2. Run the callback archive_is_package_deployable with parameters as Name : cdm 

This callback will tell if there are any dependency packages missing in the archive.
Ensure whatever packages are listed in the archive.

This callback should return "Command Status: OK" with no packages listed in a working environment.

A missing "robot_update" package will cause this issue, even if the "robot_update" package is not used to deliver the probe/MCS profile.