"Maximum requests per second" value of Apply Rate Limit

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Question of about "Maximum requests per second" of  ?Apply Rate Limit? assertion.



Maximum requests per second?5000 

Spread limit over X sec window?OFF 

Limit each?Custom? 

When limit exceeded?Shape 

Maximum concurrent requests ?Unlimited 


Sent 1000 requests per second. 



All request are completed. 

Because Maximum requests per second is 5000. 



550 requests are completed per second. 

The rest of them waits in Queue. 


Why is the number of transactions  smaller than value  of "Maximum concurrent requests"?




It seems the value of "Maximum requests per second " exceeds a limit of that environment.

"Maximum requests per second" must be smaller than the value which it can deal with with the environment.