Mapping Dates Between Quality Center and CA Agile Central

Document ID : KB000047911
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Quality Center has a set of date fields for artifacts where the format is a string composed of a date, but equivalent fields in CA Agile Central may be in a string composed of date and time.

There are two field handlers which facilitate this movement of date fields, namely <QCDatetimeToDateFieldHandler> and <RallyDateTimeFieldHandler>.


  • The test Run Execution date when copy into CA Agile Central always shows a different date?randomly (Year, Month or Day)


We recommend using this field handler for the following standard Quality Center mapping fields:
An example configuration file snippet for date mapping:
<Config>....<Connector><FieldMapping><Field>  <CA Agile Central>CreationDate</CA Agile Central>  <Other>BG_DETECTION_DATE</Other>  <Direction>TO_OTHER</Direction></Field>....<OtherFieldHandlers><QCDatetimeToDateFieldHandler>  <FieldName>BG_DETECTION_DATE</FieldName></QCDatetimeToDateFieldHandler>....
In CA Agile Central, the CreationDate is a read-only field. It is on an artifact, put there by the underlying database and therefore the user can not modify this field. In the example above, we have placed a <Direction> tag. While the tag is not actually required in this instance, we use it to reinforce the fact that this field can never be modified by the user in CA Agile Central. If a configuration file maps into this CA Agile Central field, it will be silently ignored (no data is copied or updated in this CA Agile Central field).

When doing bi-directional movements of date fields, use both field handlers as in the following example:

<Config>....<Connector>  <FieldMapping>    <Field>      <CA Agile Central>Name</CA Agile Central>      <Other>BG_SUMMARY</Other>    </Field>    <Field>      <CA Agile Central>TargetDate</CA Agile Central>      <Other>BG_CLOSING_DATE</Other>    </Field>  </FieldMapping>  <OtherFieldHandlers>    <QCDatetimeToDateFieldHandler>      <FieldName>BG_CLOSING_DATE</FieldName>    </QCDatetimeToDateFieldHandler>  </OtherFieldHandlers>  <RallyFieldHandlers>    <RallyDateTimeFieldHandler>      <FieldName>TargetDate</FieldName>      <!-- TargetDate(2012-08-25T06:00:00.000Z) -->      <DateTimeFormat>%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%LZ</DateTimeFormat>    </RallyDateTimeFieldHandler>  </RallyFieldHandlers></Connector>....