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Last Modified Date : 19/03/2018
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Once a while  the production system ( for example ,  PAM or other products issue ) goes down unexpectedly,  you  may need to manually change some requests' status after the system is recovered or the problem is fixed . 
As far as updating the status of a request, does it only require a change in the usm_request table?   Is there other table which need to update also ? 
Service Catalog 14.1, 17.1
When you manually update usm_request table for a request's status , it will only change the request itself's overall status . For example , see the screenshot below :

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Above is the result after i did the following to the request 10094 

select * from usm_request where request_id=10094
update usm_request set status=2 where request_id=10094

 Note : original status is 1022 ( refer to "Request Opened'  on the  catalog system I'm using here ) 

You can see the request's item status remains as "Request Opened"  and only request's status changed as "Completed"  ( Status 2 )   after that .  

Each item ( service option ) 's status of  a request  is stored in usm_subscription_detail table .   So  , here   if i want to change the item status in this request ,  i will need  to check usm_sbscription_detail table and then do  the following :

select * from usm_subscription_detail where request_id=10094
update usm_subscription_detail set status=2 where request_id=10094

After above ,   Item Status is  also changed  as "Completed"  for request 10094 in the GUI then  .  See attached screenshot below :

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