Manage Triples

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You spend a lot of time working with triples when creating an application. How to select, delete, and change triples.


Here are tips on how to select, delete, and change triples:

  • To select a whole triple, click the center column of the Model Editor, where the verb is.
    Model Editor showing triple
  • To delete a triple, select the triple in the Model Editor and press the Delete key.
  • To change a triple, select the triple in the Model Editor, change the value in the source object field, the verb list, or the target object field (or a combination of these), and click the Change Triple toolbar button.


List of Undocumented Triples

FNC field FLD - This is scoping verb to make field scoped to a function. 

Below are the triples - added for future usage and Integration point between Plex & third parties.


FLD DDL override NME 
FLD decoded by SRC 
FLD encoded by SRC 
FLD page input validated by FNC 
FNC property SYS 
FNC returns view VW