Making changes to sharedprefix.PARMS (CPLXSID): What needs to be run?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You code information about the systems used at your installation in sharedprefix.MICS.PARMS (CPLXSID).

sharedprefix.MICS.PARMS (CPLXSID) provides global, complex-level control parameter and system definition defaults.

Use CPLXSID to define systems common to multiple database units.


To change complex-level CPLXSID parameter information after it is in use in CA MICS, first change the CPLXSID member in sharedprefix.MICS.PARMS and then execute the job CPLXGEN in the sharedprefix.MICS.CNTL library.

The first time you specify control parameter values in sharedprefix.MICS.PARMS (CPLXSID) and run sharedprefix.MICS.CNTL (CPLXGEN), then you should modify prefix.MICS.PARMS (SYSID) in every unit where you want the CPLXSID to apply. Specify COMPLEXSYSIDPARM USE in prefix.MICS.PARMS (SYSID) and run prefix.CNTL (BASPGEN) in each database unit. Refer to the PIOM for more information on the CPLXSID and SYSID parameters.