Maintenance mode not suppressing robot inactive alerts

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We often come across an issue where the robot inactive alerts generated by HUB are not normally suppressed when the specific device is placed in maintenance mode. When ever a robot is placed in maintenance we expect all the alerts that are generated against that robot are to be suppressed, but this doesn't normally happen .

 Just to avoid this situation we have to create a pre processing rule in NAS to suppress all the alerts generated by the device . Maintenance mode in UMP seems to be completely useless against the robot inactive alerts.



 Is this a expected behavior that the robot inactive alerts would not be suppressed when a device is placed in maintenance ?


In any UIM environment, pre processing rule is the only option to suppress inactive alerts , then the purpose of the maintenance mode itself is not expected here which needs an enhancement. Technical aspect behind that but in most of the cases devices are placed into maintenance by non administrative users or the Unix team who do not have access to the IM console or do not have the needed knowledge to open NAS and configure a rule in addition to setting the device in maintenance from UMP. In most of the cases a UIM admin needs to step in and create a pre-processing rule and this becomes quite a tedious task in a large scale environment where multiple changes are scheduled during the day. In addition to the robot inactive alerts, a similar issue with alerts generated by net_connect probe for ping tests as they do not get suppressed when maintenance is set from UMP. Wish there was a better way of dealing with maintenance which could be the New Idea issue.

Other than handling this via a pre processing rule,  do not see any solution for this at this moment. The alarm is created by the hub probe, and is therefore created with the dev_id of the hub robot.


The maintenance via the USM is targeting the dev_ids that are associated with the cs_id of the device you put into maintenance, and therefore this alarm is not suppressed.

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