Maintenance Mode not working

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Last Modified Date : 17/05/2018
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We have set a device on maintenance mode in UMP. It is showing in Maintenance Mode as expected but alarms are still being raised for this device every so often. What could be causing this issue?
UIM 8.51
When you create an ad-hoc maintenance mode schedule for a device you have the following options:

Once only

If you have not selected 'Once only' under the Scheduling section that means the device will go off and on maintenance mode every X period. Depending on how quickly the system (background tasks) takes to put the device back in maintenance mode again, some alarms might be raised during that period.

An example would be for a device that needs to be in maintenance mode for three consecutive days and you select the 'Daily' schedule to run for 24 hours. Because it is a daily schedule, it will take the device off maintenance and immediately after submit it to go back on.
In order to avoid this problem you should use the 'Once only' scheduling and define the total number of hours the device needs to be in maintenance mode. This prevents the system from taking the device off/on maintenance every day/week/month depending on the selected schedule.