Maintenance for z/OS dependency for Top Secret?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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RACF APAR/PTF OA49905/UA81600 has an equivalent for ACF2, APAR TR91013, what's the equivalent PTF for Top Secret?



Want to APPLY z/OS Maintenance needed for HDZ2220 PTF UA81763, the dependent PTF for Top Secret. DADSM Create PTF UA81763 (OA49663) is dependent on RACF APAR/PTF OA49905/UA81600, because it adds a new parameter on the RACF call. For ACF2 CA has provided fix TR91013. Please provide the equivalent PTF for Top Secret?


z/OS Mainframe.

Regards CA providing an equivalent PTF for Top Secret that we provided for ACF2, APAR TR91013:


There is no dependency between this z/OS maintenance and Top Secret. The fix that was required for ACF2 does not directly relate to Top Secret as we use different services to parse the RACROUTE parameter list and make decisions. The CHKAUTH=NO will correctly bypass the authorization call against the new data set name / volume as expected.

=================================================================================================...therefore, IBM PTF UA81763 can be excluded from the APPLY Job.