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I am trying to use Custom seed list for IMS masking and need to understand how to create the input file from Datamaker ( like which format? ) . How to use this input file in SEEDLOAD (assuming this is the job to load in GRIDT01.GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1 ) . Then how to use the transformation maps to use this column and mask the file using (GTXMSKF) . I am able to mask IMS data using the transformation maps, but I need to use the custom seed list now. I need to modify both SCRAMBLE and the sample Seedlists that exist.  In brief , I need to understand end to end process for using Custom seed list for IMS , DB2 and VSAM masking.
Trying to create and transfer custom seed list for IMS masking and want to use custom seed list of Canadian postal codes and province in Db2 table " GRIDT01.GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1" in order to perform IMS masking.  Until now, I am able to process the SQL insert statements in Data maker and got the new seed list created. So, in order to have consistency between mainframe and data maker, need to insert same seed list into DB2 table "" GRIDT01.GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1" 

My DBA , who will be doing the above task, wanted to know the JOB name which he can run to have these insert statement's into DB2 table " GRIDT01.GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1". Our understanding is that we can use one of the job provided during installation to create the new seed list .If this is not workable , please let me know the other way around . 
Product Release =4.4
Component Code = TDMMNF
Please download the attached  If WRF file is required for your needs, please contact CA TDM Support to see if one is available.  This might have to be custom work.

Once the file is downoloaded, please unzip and read - yes, this is one of the few times that it is extremely important for you to read - the Readme.docx file.  This Readme file documents the process that you will be following or is one that you can use as a guide to make your own procedure.
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