MAI session request to CICS results in VTAM sense code 08210000.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to initiate a MAI session to CICS from Solve:Access, the following error is encountered:



 N80509 SESSION FAILED. NOTIFY SENSE=X'08210000', REASON=X'80'                 

This is not always indicative of a Solve:Access product problem as the product is reporting the VTAM response to the session request. This problem is usually due a logmode parameter mismatch between the logmode used by the MAI session LU and that which is defined in the CICS AUTO-INSTALLATION terminal control table entry (TCTTE).

Sense Code 0821000 is described in the z/OS IP and SNA Codes manual as follows:

Sessions cannot log on to CICS:


If this problem occurs, the sense code is displayed in message IST663I, and request is CINIT. When running CICS with AUTO-INSTALLATION, the terminal definition in the terminal control table entry (TCTTE) must match the VTAM LOGMODE definition statement for the device. See the information about common subarea network problems in z/OS Communications Server: SNA Diagnosis Vol 1 Techniques and Procedures for more information about this problem.

Ensuring that the logmode parameters specified in the CICS TCTTE are in agreement with those specified for the MAI LU initiating the session should resolve this issue. If you continue to have problems, please contact CA Support for assistance.