Lunix Install Error

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Lunix Install Error
Applicable toApplications Manager Versions:  v7.1, v8.0

Error MessageDetails:

Extracting install scripts
cat LB_lxr73.Z|uncompress|tar xvf - c/gethost c/myzone c/change_awenv
/tmp/xx/v7/ line 739: uncompress: command not found
tar: c/gethost: Not found in archive
tar: c/myzone: Not found in archive
tar: c/change_awenv: Not found in archive
tar: c/perl: Not found in archive
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
/tmp/xx/v7/ line 749: java: command not found
Java not found. Running to install java.
executing /tmp/xx/v7/ auto


Install fails and you find the above errors in $AW_HOME/install/aw_install.log.


The error indicates that there is no decompression program installed on the Linux machine where the Applications Manager install is failing.


If you have gzip on your machine (to check, from the command line, type 'which gzip'), you can use that.  Create a script called 'uncompress', either in the /usr/bin or somewhere else as long as it is in your path.  Have the script call gzip as follows:

gzip -d $*

Then when the command 'cat <filename>|uncompres|tar xvf'  runs from the install script it will use the 'uncompress' script you create4d and will extract the files.

Another solution would be to install the compress/uncompress utilities that comes with the Linux media.  These utilities are usually in a package called uncompress.