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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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 PAM administrator is able to change PAM login timeout in Global setting for users to manage user access to PAM. Currently, Time out can be set from zero as infinite to any number of minute for preferred login time out and issue can happen when it is set as '1' minute.

Once Login timeout is set as '1' minute, All users including 'super' account keep getting '1' minute warning message which doesn't go away even though pressing 'OK' button.
Timeout Warning
Your session will timeout in 1 minute. Press OK to keep session alive.

This result in no user can access to PAM server and production down situation.
    Below is the behaviour observation
  •     PAM is showing Warning message when customer login time is down to '1' minute by design.
  •     If login timeout is set as '1' minute, PAM keeps showing '1 minute alert' message and user cannot close it by defect.
In case customer has a snapshot of PAM server or have a back up before changing global setting, it is recommended to revert PAM server as below.

1. Using Virtual machine Snapshot
If customer has snapshot of PAM server before changing Login Timeout, Restoring, restoring can be done from VMware level.

2. Using PAM database backup
if customer has DB backup before changing Login Timeout, Restoring can be done with 'config' user with below steps.
Step 1. Open Web browser and type in https://pam-ipaddress/config/
Step 2. log in with config user. FYI, default password for config user is 'config'
Step 3. Go to Database -> Restore database with DB backup

Otherwise please contact CA Support If customer has no way to return the PAM server.
Additional Information:
    Defect DE367026 is created to

        not allow to input '1' minute in Timeout in global setting.
        or, fix to close warning message when login